Members Need to Know

AND Work Together.

Welcome to our website, a platform dedicated to empowering individuals working under union contracts who seek proper representation and a collective voice. We understand the importance of solidarity and recognize that when workers feel they are not adequately represented, it is crucial for them to come together and address their representational needs. Here, we provide a space for like-minded individuals to unite, exchange ideas, and take action towards ensuring their rights and interests are effectively advocated for. Join us as we foster a supportive community committed to empowering workers and strengthening the collective voice within the labor movement. Together, we can make a difference.

This Website

A members only site that allow members easy access to secured information that is important to the members.

Facebook Page

A private members area that allow members to have constructive communications.

EMail Communications

A secure email system that allows members to provide information.

Text Communications

A system to send text to members instantly about important events that are taking place.

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Members Need To Know And Work Together

Our website is a dedicated platform for individuals working under contracts represented by ATU757, as well as retirees from those contracts. We welcome all individuals who fall under this category, regardless of their union membership status. Our mission is to establish and maintain a robust source of information and communication channels, including a website, Facebook page, email communications, and text messaging, to cater to the needs of our community.
Through this platform, we aim to create an inclusive space where individuals can stay informed about the latest developments, exchange ideas, access important documents, engage in open and respectful communications, and uphold the principles of equality for all. To ensure that every member's needs are adequately represented, we will establish a dedicated board that will serve as a voice for the entire community.
We are deeply committed to fostering solidarity among our members, promoting a sense of unity, and empowering individuals to address their needs effectively. By coming together on this platform, we can collectively work towards creating a stronger, more supportive environment for all those working under ATU757 contracts.